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Set, Prop & Costume Designer
Deadline: 1st November 2021

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Oddly Moving are seeking a Set, Prop & Costumer Designer to work with us in the creation of our new show ATLAS.


We are especially interested in designers from the Global Majority background but will consider all applicants with the relevant skills
and experience.

More about us
Oddly Moving tell stories on the outskirts of normal using circus, physical theatre and storytelling. ATLAS is our second show following a U.K. tour of ‘He Ain’t Heavy.’ It is directed by Charlotte Mooney and produced by Turtle Key Arts.
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ATLAS – info about the show
ATLAS will retell the Greek myth of Atlas carrying the world, and reflect on themes of responsibility, choice, physical and emotional weight, in
particular relating to those with an ‘Atlas personality’ who carried extra responsibilities as children and how this affects their experiences as adults.


The design elements we are keen to integrate following R&D in 2019 are;

  • Screen incorporated into the set as using a projector & live video feed.

  • Exploration of scale e.g. table-top story telling with plastic toys as well as recreating the expanse of the universe.

  • Creation of a set of hanging golden apples that can be used as set, for pendulum juggling and are tourable.

  • Influences include Greek myths, treasured mementoes and heavy weight.


Tour is subject to latest government guidelines.


Who we are looking for
We are looking for a designer to come in during the creation phase of the project to help develop ideas around costume and set/prop design. The
creation will happen simultaneously with the show being rehearsed. The designer should have the following attributes:


  • An interest and experience in small-scale touring theatre

  • Experience working with contractors and builders to get set created

  • Experience in costume sourcing

  • Thrives in an open, collaborative environment

  • Experience working to design budgets

  • Based in the U.K.


Further Information & Dates:
Rehearsals will take place: 22nd – 26th November 2021 (London), 24th Jan – 18th Feb 2022 (Basingstoke & Worthing)*
Production Dates 26th Feb – 1st March 2022
Premier: 8th March 2022


*Covid safety measures have been taken into account to facilitate rehearsals. Rehearsals & performances will be dependent on government
guidelines and everyone’s safety is our priority.
Upon job offer we follow the ITC’s recommended rates of pay. Travel will be paid as well as per diems and accommodation where necessary.


Get in touch
At this stage, we’d love to hear your interest in the project by email, citing experience, style and giving us a flavour of your personal and professional personality. You can do this through text or as a video and sending it to by 1 st November.
All aged 18+ are welcome to apply, if required please include any additional access requirements so we can facilitate.


ATLAS is an Oddly Moving production supported by Worthing Theatres, The Point Eastleigh, Proteus Theatre, Arts Council England, The Leche
Trust, the Institute of Physics and The Ogdon Trust. Produced by Turtle Key Arts.